Cleopatra Ink: Where Tradition Meets Modern Artistry

Welcome to Cleopatra Ink, where the timeless art of tattooing meets modern innovation. Founded on a rich heritage of tradition and craftsmanship, Cleopatra Ink has emerged as a leading provider of high-quality tattoo inks trusted by artists worldwide.

The Art of Ink Making

At Cleopatra Ink, the art of ink making is a time-honored tradition. Each batch of ink is carefully crafted using the finest pigments and ingredients, resulting in vibrant colors and long-lasting results. From classic hues to bold new shades, Cleopatra's diverse ink collections offer artists endless possibilities for creative expression.

Innovation and Quality

While steeped in tradition, Cleopatra Ink is also committed to innovation and quality. Their state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and rigorous quality control measures ensure that every bottle of ink meets the highest standards of excellence. Artists can trust Cleopatra's inks to deliver consistent, reliable performance with every tattoo. Cleopatra Ink proudly stocks a variety of Onyx products, including tattoo needles, tattoo aftercare, grip tapes.

Safety and Sustainability

Cleopatra Ink prioritizes the safety and well-being of both artists and clients. Their inks are formulated to be skin-friendly and hypoallergenic, minimizing the risk of adverse reactions. Additionally, Cleopatra is committed to sustainability, using eco-friendly packaging and manufacturing practices to minimize their environmental impact.


 A Source of Inspiration

More than just a supplier of tattoo inks, Cleopatra Ink serves as a source of inspiration for artists seeking to push the boundaries of their craft. Through collaborations with leading artists and ongoing research and development efforts, Cleopatra continues to innovate and evolve, ensuring that artists have access to the tools they need to create their best work.

Discover Cleopatra Ink Today

Join the global community of artists who trust Cleopatra Ink to bring their creative visions to life. Explore their extensive range of tattoo inks, discover new colors and techniques, and experience the unparalleled quality and innovation that have made Cleopatra a favorite among tattoo artists worldwide.

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