In the heart of Hamburg, Germany, a tattoo artist is making waves with his exceptional talent and unique artistic vision. Meet Alexander Demtschenko, famously known as A-Dem, the owner of the renowned tattoo studio "Tattoo-Highlights." A-Dem's journey from Kazakhstan to becoming a celebrated tattoo artist in Germany is nothing short of inspiring. Let's explore the life, work, and passion of this extraordinary artist.

From Kazakhstan to Germany: A Journey of Passion

Born on May 2, 1987, in Kazakhstan, A-Dem's early years were shaped by a conservative society where tattoos were taboo. Every tattoo had a meaning, and the wearer had to take full responsibility for it. In 2000, his family moved to Germany, settling in the northern city of Flensburg. It was here that A-Dem's artistic journey truly began.

Coming from a family of hobby artists, A-Dem started drawing and painting at a young age. His talent for copying images with precision set the foundation for his future in tattoo artistry. When tribal tattoos became popular among his friends, they naturally turned to him for designs, igniting his interest in tattoos.

Choosing Passion Over Profession

While pursuing a master's degree in Intermedia & Marketing, A-Dem found himself at a crossroads. Should he follow the conventional path or dive into the world of tattooing, a passion that had grown stronger over the years? Choosing the latter, he moved to Hamburg in 2018, embracing the city’s vibrant art scene and honing his craft.

Tattooing: A Canvas of Emotions

For A-Dem, tattooing is more than just a profession; it's a form of art that brings joy and gratitude to his clients. Specializing in photorealism, he primarily works in Black and Grey and Greywash styles. However, his fascination with color realism is pushing him to explore this vibrant style further, blending intricate details with bold hues to create stunning tattoos.



Tattoo-Highlights: A Sanctuary for Ink Enthusiasts

In 2023, A-Dem opened "Tattoo-Highlights," his first tattoo studio in Hamburg. With a mission to make it the best studio in Germany, Tattoo-Highlights is a haven for those seeking extraordinary tattoos. The studio reflects A-Dem’s commitment to excellence, creativity, and client satisfaction.

Awards and Accolades

A-Dem's remarkable talent has not gone unnoticed. His awards include:

  • 1st Place - Best of Backpiece at the New York Empire State Tattoo Expo
  • 2nd Place - Best of Portrait at the New York Empire State Tattoo Expo
  • 3rd Place - Best of Big at the Tattoo Convention Flensburg
  • 3rd Place - Best of Realistic at the Tattoo Con in Dortmund

Global Presence: Upcoming Conventions

A-Dem's work will be showcased at several prestigious conventions in 2024 and 2025, including:

  • World of Ink - Poland (August 2024 & 2025)
  • Titans - Hamburg (August 2024)
  • Lyon - France (September 2024)
  • All Stars - Miami, USA (November 2024)
  • Planetarium - Paris, France (January 2025)

The Onyx Connection: A Perfect Match

A-Dem's quest for perfection extends to the products he uses. He discovered Onyx products at a tattoo convention and was instantly impressed by their quality. His reviews of Onyx products speak volumes:

  • Second Skin Film: “The best adherence to the skin I have ever experienced. It's a game-changer in the healing process.”
  • Tattoo Butter: “Perfect consistency that stays put on the skin, providing comfort to my clients without becoming watery.”

In collaboration with Onyx, A-Dem has also developed a private label tattoo aftercare line for Tattoo-Highlights, ensuring his clients receive top-notch care post-tattoo.

Beyond Tattoos: A Personal Touch

A-Dem’s passions extend beyond tattooing. He is an avid basketball fan and loves rap music, interests that often inspire his creative process. His diverse hobbies add a unique flair to his tattoos, making each piece a reflection of his vibrant personality.




Alexander Demtschenko, or A-Dem, is more than just a tattoo artist; he is a visionary transforming the tattoo landscape in Hamburg and beyond. With his studio, Tattoo-Highlights, and his collaboration with Onyx products, A-Dem is setting new standards in the industry. Follow his journey on Instagram @a_dem_tattooartist and witness the magic he creates with each tattoo.

For appointments and more information, visit Tattoo-Highlights. Experience the artistry and passion of A-Dem, where every tattoo tells a story.

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