27th TattooCon Dortmund: A Celebration of Ink and Artistry

The 27th edition of TattooCon Dortmund took place with great enthusiasm and a remarkable turnout, celebrating the art of tattooing in an unparalleled event. This annual gathering, held at the iconic Westfalenhallen in Dortmund, has become a significant highlight in the tattoo community's calendar, drawing artists and enthusiasts from around the globe.



Event Highlights

The convention, spanning from June 21st to June 23rd, 2024, showcased a diverse array of talents and styles, ranging from traditional to contemporary tattooing. The Westfalenhallen provided a spacious and vibrant environment, perfectly suited for an event of this magnitude. Attendees had the opportunity to witness live tattooing sessions, engage in workshops, and explore various vendors offering tattoo-related merchandise.

Artists and Competitions

One of the key attractions of TattooCon Dortmund is the participation of renowned tattoo artists. This year, the convention featured over 200 artists, each bringing their unique flair and expertise. Among them was the acclaimed A-Dem proteam, known for their exceptional skill in realistic tattooing.

A highlight of the event was the tattoo competition, which saw fierce but friendly rivalry among participants. The categories included Best Black and Grey, Best Color, Best Small Tattoo, and Best of Realistic. It was in the latter category that A-Dem proteam truly shone, securing 3rd Place with their exquisite piece that captivated both the judges and the audience. Using our premium tattoo needles, A-Dem crafts masterpieces that showcase his unique style and expertise.

A-Dem's Triumph

The A-Dem proteam's achievement in the Best of Realistic category is a testament to their dedication and artistry. Their winning piece, showcased on their Instagram page, exemplifies their mastery in creating lifelike tattoos that are both intricate and evocative. This accolade adds to their growing reputation in the tattoo world and underscores their commitment to excellence.

Workshops and Demonstrations

TattooCon Dortmund also offered a variety of workshops and demonstrations, catering to both seasoned tattoo artists and novices. These sessions covered topics such as advanced tattooing techniques, aftercare, and the latest trends in the industry. Attendees had the chance to learn from some of the best in the field, enhancing their skills and gaining valuable insights.

Community and Culture

Beyond the art and competition, TattooCon Dortmund is a celebration of the tattoo culture and community. It provides a platform for artists and enthusiasts to connect, share experiences, and inspire one another. The atmosphere is one of camaraderie and creativity, making it a must-attend event for anyone passionate about tattoos.


Additional Information

TattooCon Dortmund is known for its vibrant atmosphere and the opportunity it provides for artists to showcase their work to a wide audience. The event also features various entertainment options, including live music, performances, and food stalls, making it a comprehensive cultural experience.

Looking Ahead

As the 27th TattooCon Dortmund draws to a close, the anticipation for next year's event is already building. With each edition, the convention continues to grow, attracting more talent and fans. It remains a pivotal event that not only showcases the best in tattoo artistry but also fosters a strong and vibrant community.

TattooCon Dortmund is more than just a convention; it's a celebration of art, culture, and the indelible marks that tell our stories.



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