What’s Trending: Major Tattoo Styles and Trends of 2024

What’s Trending: Major Tattoo Styles and Trends of 2024

The tattoo industry is constantly evolving, and 2024 is set to be a year of innovative and bold trends that push the boundaries of artistic expression. At Onyx Tattoo Supply, we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve, providing you with the latest in tattoo styles and trends. Whether you're a seasoned tattoo enthusiast or a first-timer, our comprehensive guide will help you navigate the hottest trends of 2024 and ensure your tattoos are flawlessly executed and beautifully healed.

Top Tattoo Trends and Styles of 2024

Neo-Traditional Tattoos

Description: Neo-traditional tattoos are a modern twist on the classic traditional American tattoo style. They feature bold lines, vibrant colors, and a high level of detail, combining the timeless appeal of traditional tattoos with contemporary elements.

Why It’s Trending: This style allows for greater creativity and complexity, making it perfect for those who appreciate both classic and modern art forms. Popular subjects include animals, flowers, and mythological figures, all depicted with a fresh, dynamic flair.

Example: Think of a brightly colored owl with intricate feather details, or a beautifully rendered rose with a subtle gradient of colors.



Micro Realism

Description: Micro realism focuses on creating highly detailed, photorealistic images on a smaller scale. This trend showcases the artist’s precision and ability to capture lifelike representations within limited space.

Why It’s Trending: The demand for more personalized and intricate tattoos has driven the popularity of this style. It’s perfect for portraits, detailed animals, and small yet impactful pieces that showcase fine artistry.

Example: A small, realistic portrait of a loved one, or a tiny, detailed depiction of a favorite animal or object.




Blackwork and Blackout Tattoos

Description: Blackwork tattoos use solid black ink to create striking designs, ranging from abstract patterns to detailed illustrations. Blackout tattoos take this concept further by covering large areas of the body in solid black ink, often incorporating negative space to create unique patterns.

Why It’s Trending: These styles are known for their bold, dramatic appearance and are perfect for those looking to make a strong statement with their tattoos. They also offer a way to cover up old tattoos while creating new, visually striking designs.

Example: An arm sleeve filled with intricate black geometric patterns, or a bold blackout tattoo with negative space designs.



Watercolor Tattoos

Description: Watercolor tattoos mimic the fluidity and translucence of watercolor paintings. This style features vibrant, blended colors and often lacks traditional outlines, creating a dreamy and ethereal effect.

Why It’s Trending: The unique, artistic look of watercolor tattoos appeals to those who want a softer, more painterly approach to body art. These tattoos are perfect for nature scenes, abstract designs, and artistic interpretations of various subjects.

Example: A splash of pastel colors forming a flower, or a colorful representation of a bird in flight, blending seamlessly into the skin.



Geometric Tattoos

Description: Geometric tattoos focus on symmetry, shapes, and patterns, creating visually stunning designs. This trend often incorporates elements of nature, sacred geometry, and abstract concepts.

Why It’s Trending: The precision and balance of geometric tattoos make them captivating and versatile. They can be both simple and complex, offering endless possibilities for unique designs.

Example: An intricate mandala pattern on the forearm, or a combination of geometric shapes forming a larger, cohesive design.



Minimalist Line Work

Description: Minimalist tattoos are defined by their simplicity and clean lines. This trend focuses on small, delicate designs that often carry deep personal meanings.

Why It’s Trending: The understated elegance of minimalist tattoos makes them perfect for those who prefer subtlety in their body art. These tattoos are easy to hide and can be incredibly meaningful despite their simplicity.

Example: A small, thin-lined heart on the wrist, or a simple outline of a mountain range.



Anime and Pop Culture Tattoos

Description: Tattoos inspired by anime, video games, movies, and other pop culture elements are becoming increasingly popular. These tattoos often feature beloved characters and iconic scenes, allowing fans to showcase their passions.

Why It’s Trending: The growing influence of pop culture and the rise of fandoms have made these tattoos a way for people to express their interests and identities. They are vibrant, detailed, and often filled with nostalgia.

Example: A colorful portrait of a favorite anime character, or a detailed scene from a beloved video game.



UV/Blacklight Tattoos

Description: UV tattoos use special ink that glows under blacklight, creating hidden designs that only appear under certain conditions. This trend is perfect for those who want a unique and playful tattoo.

Why It’s Trending: The novelty and surprise element of UV tattoos make them exciting and fun. They offer a way to have a tattoo that is mostly invisible in normal light but comes to life under UV light.

Example: A constellation that glows in the dark, or hidden symbols that only show up under UV light.



Ensuring a Perfect Heal with Quality Aftercare

Proper aftercare is crucial to ensuring your tattoo heals beautifully and retains its vibrancy. At Onyx Tattoo Supply, we offer a range of high-quality aftercare products designed to keep your skin hydrated, reduce irritation, and promote healing. Using the right aftercare solutions can make a significant difference in the appearance and longevity of your tattoo, helping you preserve your body art for years to come. Explore our tattoo aftercare collection to find the best products for your needs.

Must-Watch Trends Video

Stay updated with the latest trends by watching this super trendy tattoo video that everyone is talking about. This video highlights the top tattoo styles and trends of 2024, featuring expert opinions and stunning visuals. Don’t miss out on what's hot in the tattoo world this year!


2024 is an exciting year for tattoos, with a wide range of styles and trends to choose from. Whether you're drawn to the boldness of blackout tattoos, the delicate beauty of watercolor designs, or the intricate details of micro realism, there's something for everyone. At Onyx Tattoo Supply, we are dedicated to providing the best tools and aftercare products to ensure your tattoos are perfect from start to finish. Visit Onyx Tattoo Supply and start your tattoo journey with confidence!

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