Alvaro Piva Tattoo

At Onyx Tattoo Supply, we are honored to collaborate with exceptional artists who are dedicated to their craft and trust our products to bring their visions to life. One such artist is Alvaro Rico, known in the tattoo world as Alvaro Piva. Residing in Spain, Alvaro has established a prominent reputation with his stunning Black & Gray tattoos. He operates a tattoo studio in Spain and another in Zurich, named Enjoy Ink, and twice a year, he collaborates with a studio in Miami.



Alvaro Piva: A Journey of Passion and Self-Discovery

Alvaro’s journey into tattoo artistry began in the humble setting of his parents' garage, where he started from scratch and taught himself the skills of tattooing. This was approximately 15 years ago, and since then, he has honed his craft, developing a unique style that sets him apart in the industry. Alvaro defines himself as an interpretive Black & Gray artist, specializing in realistic compositions that perfectly capture the ideas and emotions of his clients.

The Artistic Brilliance of Alvaro Piva

Alvaro’s work is characterized by its meticulous detail and lifelike quality. His tattoos often depict portraits, nature scenes, and intricate designs that showcase his ability to bring a high level of realism to his art. Each piece is a testament to his skill and creativity, reflecting his dedication to achieving perfection in every tattoo. You can explore his impressive portfolio on his Instagram, where his talent is vividly displayed.

Why Alvaro Chooses Onyx Tattoo Supply

Since integrating Onyx Tattoo Supply products into his studios, Alvaro has noticed a significant enhancement in the quality of his work and the overall experience for his clients.

“In particular, I would like to highlight the star product of their line, the second skin. The elasticity, skin fusion, and texture of this product make it an exceptional tool for our work,” Alvaro explains.

Client Satisfaction and Onyx’s Second Skin

Alvaro’s clients have provided overwhelmingly positive feedback about Onyx’s second skin. The comfort and durability of the product have greatly contributed to their satisfaction with the tattoo healing process.

“We have received very positive feedback from our customers about the comfort and durability of the second skin, which has greatly contributed to their overall satisfaction with their tattoo healing,” Alvaro shares.

Alvaro Piva's Masterful Tattoo Works

Alvaro Piva's dedication to the art of tattooing shines through in every piece he creates. His journey from a self-taught artist in his parents' garage to an internationally recognized tattooist speaks volumes about his passion and commitment. Specializing in interpretive Black & Gray, Alvaro's realistic compositions are a stunning blend of technical precision and artistic expression.

Each tattoo he creates is not just a design but a carefully crafted work of art that tells a story and captures the essence of his clients' ideas. Alvaro’s ability to infuse life into his tattoos with meticulous details and lifelike accuracy sets him apart as a true master in the field.



By incorporating Onyx Tattoo Supply products into his practice, Alvaro ensures that he uses only the best tools to achieve outstanding results. The positive feedback from his clients regarding Onyx’s second skin and other supplies is a testament to the enhanced quality and satisfaction that come with using premium products.

We at Onyx are proud to have Alvaro Piva as part of our proteam and look forward to seeing more of his incredible work. For those seeking inspiration or considering their next tattoo, Alvaro's portfolio is a must-see. Follow his journey and explore his amazing creations on Instagram at @alvaro_piva_tattoo.

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