Stacy VL

Onyx Tattoo Supply is thrilled to spotlight Anastasija Pudikova, known in the tattoo community as Stacy VL. Based in the picturesque region of Tirol, Austria, Stacy operates her private studio, "Dark River" nestled in the heart of this beautiful area. Her artistic journey also frequently takes her to Denmark and Norway, where she guests and shares her exceptional talent with a broader audience.



Stacy VL: From Architectural Design to Tattoo Mastery

Stacy's journey into the world of tattooing is a fascinating one. Originally educated as an architectural and interior designer, she always had a deep-seated passion for art. However, she found that architecture did not fully satisfy her creative spirit. This led her to discover her true calling in tattooing, where she could express her artistic abilities more freely and innovatively. Her background in design gives her a unique perspective and precision in her tattoo work, making her stand out in the industry. You can explore her stunning works on her Instagram.

Why Stacy VL Chooses Onyx

Stacy's preference for Onyx Tattoo Supply is rooted in her appreciation for the effort and quality that goes into each product.

“I love to see how much effort and work are put into the products. Starting from the nice design of the package to the high quality of the products. I love that one brand has such a big range of products,” says Stacy.

Client Satisfaction and Onyx’s Superior Products

For Stacy, client satisfaction is paramount, and Onyx products play a significant role in achieving this. She has received excellent feedback from her clients, particularly regarding the Onyx second skin.

“My customers noticed that Onyx's second shield holds much better than other brands. They are also very stoked to see and hear that I am sponsored and on the pro team of the brand. It means a high-quality standard for them,” Stacy shares.

Stacy’s Endorsement of Onyx Needles

Having used Onyx needles for the past six months, Stacy has been thoroughly impressed with their performance.

“I've been using the needles for the last half year now, and I like them. They stay in perfect condition during long sessions, which is important for me,” she explains.

Stacy VL: A True Artist in Every Sense

Stacy’s transition from architectural design to tattoo artistry showcases her versatile talent and dedication to her craft. Her work reflects a blend of technical skill and artistic passion, creating tattoos that are not just designs but stories etched in skin. Her private studio, "Dark River," is a testament to her commitment to providing a unique and personalized experience for each client.



Join Stacy VL in Choosing Onyx

Stacy VL’s endorsement of Onyx Tattoo Supply underscores the brand’s commitment to quality and innovation. Whether it's needles, second skin, or the wide range of other tattoo products, Onyx ensures that artists have the best tools to create their masterpieces.

For more insights into Stacy’s artistic journey and to see her latest creations, follow her on Instagram at @stacyvl.

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