About us


Welcome to Onyx, where innovation meets artistry in the world of tattoo supplies. At Onyx, we understand that every stroke, every detail, and every piece of ink tells a unique story. Our founders, seasoned veterans with 15 years of hands-on experience in the tattoo industry, have meticulously crafted a brand that echoes their passion for the art form. Based in the heart of Denmark, with our esteemed headquarters nestled in the vibrant city of Hillerød, Onyx stands as a testament to the fusion of Scandinavian precision and creative expression.


Explore our curated collection of premium products, meticulously designed to meet the exacting standards of tattoo artists worldwide. From grip tapes that feel like an extension of your artistic prowess to needles that redefine precision, Onyx is your partner in creating masterpieces. Immerse yourself in the world of possibilities with our top-tier tattoo film, ensuring every moment of your artistry is captured flawlessly.


But our dedication doesn't end with the tattooing process. Onyx is here for the entire journey. Discover our exclusive range of aftercare products, including soothing creams, antibacterial foams, antibacterial SOS gel, and nourishing butters – all meticulously formulated to ensure your clients' skin heals as beautifully as your creations.



Onyx is not only high-quality equipment for tattoo artists, it is also an opportunity to develop your own brand, gain recognition and popularity among customers. 


Private Label creation is the same as giving your tattoo studio a personality and making it easier for potential new customers to recognize your brand, when meeting your studio offline or online. We lead  the tattoo aftercare industry when it comes to helping tattooists reach their private label goals.


Onyx has a specific goal to help you develop, label, market and guide you to fulfill your private label dream!


We've crafted a seamless online space where inspiration meets convenience. Browse our catalog, explore the artistry that defines us, and let our premium products become an extension of your creative vision.


Join the Onyx community – where tradition meets innovation, and every tattoo tells a story. Elevate your art with Onyx, because your canvas deserves nothing but the best.