Mr. J. Fineline

Mr. J. Fineline

Jorge Segovia, known professionally as Mr. J. Fineline, is a remarkable tattoo artist hailing from the USA and currently making waves in Germany. With a passion for single needle tattoos and micro realism, Jorge has rapidly ascended in the tattoo industry, earning acclaim for his meticulous and lifelike creations. His Instagram, @mr.j.fineline, serves as a portfolio that showcases his talent and dedication to his craft.



The Artistic Journey of Jorge Segovia

Jorge Segovia's foray into the world of tattooing is a story of inspiration and perseverance. Unlike many artists who start young, Jorge's career began relatively recently. At the age of 27, in October 2021, he decided to explore tattooing after being captivated by the incredible artworks he saw on Instagram. The detailed and fine tattoos posted by other artists ignited a spark in him, leading him to purchase a tattoo machine and supplies to experiment on fake skin.

Despite having no prior experience in drawing or painting, Jorge believed that tattooing, with its reliance on following stencils, would be an achievable endeavor. His initial focus was on small outline designs using single needle techniques. Through relentless practice, extensive research, and seeking advice from experienced tattoo artists online, Jorge gradually mastered the intricacies of single needle tattooing.


Tools of the Trade: Onyx Tattoo Supply

A significant aspect of Jorge's success is his partnership with Onyx Tattoo Supply. Utilizing their premium needles and grip tapes, Jorge achieves the precision and control necessary for his detailed work. Onyx Tattoo Supply's needles are renowned for their sharpness and consistency, allowing Jorge to execute his intricate designs with remarkable accuracy.

The grip tapes from Onyx provide the comfort and stability Jorge needs during long tattoo sessions. This combination of high-quality tools and Jorge's exceptional skill results in tattoos that are not only visually stunning but also flawlessly executed. The reliability of Onyx Tattoo Supply products ensures that Jorge can maintain the highest standards in his work.



Signature Style: Single Needle, Micro Realism, and Sacred Geometry

Jorge Segovia's tattoo style is defined by its precision and attention to detail. He specializes in single needle tattoos and micro realism, creating pieces that are both intricate and highly realistic. This style allows him to incorporate fine details into his tattoos, making each piece a true work of art. His ability to render lifelike images with a single needle is a testament to his skill and dedication.

Jorge's style is a distinctive blend of micro realism and sacred geometry, resulting in tattoos that are both visually intricate and deeply meaningful. Micro realism allows him to create lifelike representations with incredible detail, while sacred geometry imbues his work with spiritual and philosophical significance. Each tattoo is meticulously designed to reflect the personal stories and visions of his clients. Hidden within his tattoos are often symbols and codes that carry special meanings for the wearer. These elements are not merely decorative; they are carefully chosen to resonate with the individual’s life journey and aspirations.

Jorge's partner, Lavinia de Rothschild, has been instrumental in deepening his understanding of the spiritual aspects of art. She introduced him to the concepts of sacred geometry and ancient knowledge, which he now incorporates into his tattoos to enhance their spiritual energy. This unique combination of artistry and spirituality ensures that each tattoo he creates is not only a piece of art but also a source of positive energy and personal empowerment for the wearer.

Personal Touch: Jorge's First Tattoo and Artistic Inspiration

Jorge's first tattoo holds a special place in his heart. At the age of 25, he got a tattoo on his hip that reads "I will love you forever" along with his wife's name. This personal and meaningful tattoo symbolizes his commitment and love, reflecting the emotional connection that tattoos can represent.

For those interested in exploring the extraordinary work of Jorge Segovia, his Instagram profile, @mr.j.fineline, offers a comprehensive look at his latest creations. Each post highlights his latest works, showcasing the breadth and depth of his talent. From detailed black and gray portraits to vibrant, color-infused pieces, Jorge's Instagram is a testament to his versatility and dedication to his craft.




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