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Find the Best Tattoo Needles for Your Needs

When selecting tattoo needles, it's crucial to understand the differences between the various types and sizes, as this greatly affects the quality of your work and your client’s satisfaction. We have created this guide to help you choose the best tattoo needles for different tattooing techniques. Read it before investing in your next tattoo needles, or contact us at +45 31 17 33 38 or send an email to info@onyxtattoosupply.com.

Types of Tattoo Needles

Liner Needles

Liner needles are designed to create clear and precise lines. They come in different configurations such as tight round, loose round, and flat setups. Liner needles are ideal for contours and detailed work.

Shader Needles

Shader needles are wider than liner needles and are used to fill larger areas with color or for shading effects. These needles can be magnum, flat, or round, depending on the desired shading effect.

Magnum Needles

Magnum needles are perfect for packing color and shading large areas. They have a double row of needles, which provides a more even and softer distribution of ink.

Choose the Right Tattoo Needle Size

The size of the tattoo needle affects both the ink flow and how sharp or soft a design will appear. Sizes range from very fine needles (for detailed work) to wider needles (for filling and shading).

Best Practices for Tattoo Needles

Hygiene Hygiene is critical when working with tattoos. Always use sterile needles for each new client to prevent cross-contamination.

Quality and Brands Choose high-quality needles from reputable manufacturers to ensure consistency in your work and safety for your clients.

Technique Adaptation Match the needle type and size with your tattooing technique and the effect you desire to achieve the best results.

Onyx Tattoo Equipment crafted for professional tattoo artists

Thank you for exploring our extensive range of tattoo needles at Onyx Tattoo Supply. Our carefully selected collection includes various types of needles, each designed to meet specific needs in the art of tattooing. From the precise and detailed lines with our Round Liner needles to the soft and flowing transitions enabled by Round Shader needles. For more extensive shading and filling techniques, we offer the robust Magnum needles, which ensure vivid and striking results.

We help you choose the right tattoo needles

Each needle type in our range is manufactured with the highest standard of precision and quality, so you as a tattoo artist can express your creativity without limitations. Choose the right tool from our collection, and experience the difference in your artworks. At Onyx Tattoo Supply, we are proud to support the art of tattoo artists worldwide with equipment that not only meets but exceeds expectations. We are here to ensure that every line, every shade, and every color on your palette is exactly as you wish. Explore, choose, and create with Onyx – where tradition meets innovation in the art of tattooing.