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Aleksandar Terzo is a highly skilled tattoo artist based in Belgrade, Serbia, known for his incredible talent and unique style. As the owner of Mean Machine Tattoo Studio, Aleksandar has built a reputation for creating stunning and intricate tattoo designs that captivate clients and enthusiasts alike. He also works as a guest artist in various tattoo shops across Germany, bringing his expertise to a broader audience.



The Journey into Tattooing

Aleksandar's journey into the world of tattooing began with a friend's introduction. Fascinated by the art form, he decided to give it a try. His first tattoo was a small letter dedicated to his sister, marking the beginning of his career in this creative field. Over time, his passion and dedication to tattooing have only grown, leading him to become one of the most respected tattoo artists in the industry.

Signature Style and Notable Works

Aleksandar Terzo is known for his versatility and skill in various tattoo styles, including realism, traditional, and neotraditional. His favorite and most memorable tattoo was a collaboration with a friend at the Rijeka Tattoo Expo, where they worked for three days straight to complete a complex piece. This dedication to his craft is evident in every tattoo he creates, whether it's a detailed portrait or an elaborate design.

One of Aleksandar's favorite places to work is his own Mean Machine Tattoo Studio in Belgrade. The studio is renowned for its high standards and exceptional artistry, attracting clients from all over the world.



Achievements and Awards

Aleksandar's talent has been recognized at numerous tattoo conventions. He attended the Wermland Ink in Karlstad, Sweden, where he won several awards, including 1st place for Best Healed, 1st place for Best Traditional, and 2nd place for Best Traditional. More recently, at the Bergen Tattoo Convention in Norway, he won 1st place for Best Neotraditional, 1st place for Best Old School, and 3rd place for Best Color. These accolades highlight his exceptional skill and dedication to his art.

Personal Interests

Beyond tattooing, Aleksandar enjoys a range of extreme and outdoor activities. He has a passion for kickboxing, skiing (especially freeride), horseback riding, hiking, diving, and kitesurfing. These hobbies reflect his adventurous spirit and love for pushing boundaries, traits that also manifest in his tattoo work.

Using Onyx Tattoo Supply Products

Aleksandar Terzo's outstanding work is supported by high-quality tattoo supplies from Onyx Tattoo Supply. He uses Onyx Tattoo needles and private label tattoo aftercare products, specially created for his studio. These products help him achieve the precision and care needed for his intricate designs, ensuring that each tattoo heals beautifully and maintains its vibrancy.

Discover More

For more about Aleksandar Terzo's work, visit his Instagram profile and follow Mean Machine Tattoo Studio to see his latest creations and updates.

Aleksandar's upcoming appearances include prestigious conventions like Stockholm InkBash, Berlin Tattoo Convention, and Nordic Ink. His presence at these events showcases his continued influence and commitment to the tattoo industry.

At Onyx Tattoo Supply, we are proud to have Aleksandar Terzo as part of our proteam. His use of our products not only highlights their quality but also underscores his dedication to providing the best for his clients. Discover our range of tattoo supplies at Onyx Tattoo Supply and elevate your tattooing experience.

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